What is the Low FodMap Diet??


So you may remember in my last post where I spoke about my IBS Diagnosis I mentioned that I was starting the Low Fodmap Diet.

This week has not went to plan at all so I am hoping to start the plan next week.

It’s Just IBS …


It has been a wee while since I posted anything relating to my diet or being gluten free on the blog and there is a very good reason for that.

Things in the old bowel department have not been great. Infact they have been horrendous!

I am lucky that my Liver Specialist is also a Gastroenterologist,

Blogtober16 … Fears and Worries

I am what is know as a perpetual worrier. I suffer with mild anxiety so I worry about things all of the time. I hate making phone calls to people and would rather communicate via text or email.

There are so many things that I worry about at the moment….

Blogtober … Piercings and Tattoos

Today for #Blogtober16 we are talking Tattoos and Piercings! I don’t have any piercings apart from my ears so I don’t really think you want to see a picture of those!

So I have shared 2 out of my 3 tattoos. The third is on my upper arm but it has faded quite badly so I didn’t see any point in taking a picture of that one!…