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Sitting down and reading a good book is something that I have not been doing too much of lately. There is no specific reason why … I go through periods like this. I have a stash of books waiting to be read from some of my favourite authors sitting by my bed right now!

BookReview … Author Leslie DJ shares her Writing Inspirations

I am huge bookworm. I love escaping into a good book and I feel very grateful to have access to books before they are released thanks to this little blog.
Leslie DJ’s recent novel “That Girl” was released on 20/9/16 and today she has very kindly guest posted on Sparkles at Midnight providing us with a little insight into her writing styles and inspirations!…

#30bbdaysofGratitude … Book Review “Surviving the Angel of Death”

Anyone who knows me will testify how much I am interested in all things World War 2 and in particular the Holocaust. I think this interest stems from one of my mums friend who we were close to growing up speaking about Jewish history. 

Being Jewish herself she often spoke of the war so I began my own research and was horrified to hear about the Holocaust.

#30bbdaysofGratitude … MoonDance Book Review

I was very lucky to be offered the chance to review Diane Chandler‘s new novel Moondance* which tells the story of Cat and Dom’s journey to conceive a child through IVF.

I knew a little bit about the technical side of IVF through my experience of being a nurse so I was really interested to hear about the emotional side too

“IVF could create a baby but could it also destroy a marriage?