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A few month’s ago I received a tasty delivery from the lovely people at Schar UK. I may have mentioned once or twice on here about how much I love Schar. Their range of gluten free goodies is amazing and it is so nice to see supermarkets improving their range of Schar products.

I thought I would share with you a few of the products that I was sent as they are totally delicious and are definetly going on my shopping list!


I love a good burger … let’s face it who doesn’t?

The problem with gluten free alternatives to burger buns is that they always seem to fall apart or taste like cardboard which is really off putting and means I usually end up having my burgers bunless.

So I have to admit I was a little bit dubious about trying these but I am very happy to report that they are absolutely delicious! They are a little bit on the chunky side for burger buns but you really don’t mind that when they taste so good!

These buns are also lactose and egg free so perfect for anyone who has to avoid multiple allergens!

I am not usually a fan of sweet and savoury products in the same meal but ohhh these are so good!

Me and Mr Sparkles had these for Sunday brunch one morning and he was suitably impressed. I would reccomend that you eat these straight from the oven to really enjoy that chocolately goodness!

I used to take bread into work all the time to make toast for my breakfast before I had to become gluten free and it is something that I really miss. Unfortunetly it is really hard to avoid cross contamination in work but with the aid of some handy toaster pockets that I found in poundland I can enjoy my breakfast toast again! This lovely sourdough bread is perfect with some butter or even a little bit of cheese melted in the middle!

Huge thanks again to Schar UK for sending me these goodies. I really reccomend that you check out the fab range of Schar products in your supermarkets!

7 thoughts on “Gluten Free Goodness with Schar

  1. Thank you for this! I loved the choc chip buns, I took them on holiday with me and they were absolutely perfect for an easy, safe breakfast. Will be looking out for that sourdough too. So good to find any bread that tastes nice and isn’t super holey/crumbly!
    Glad you’re able to have your morning toast again! You definitely appreciate the little things when you’re on a restricted diet 😉
    Lisa x

  2. Ooh i’ve seen these on the shelves in asda. I’m not gluten free but I can’t have dairy so I’ll be having a look to see if they don’t have cows milk protein in them! xxx

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