Gluten Free Goodness with Schar


A few month’s ago I received a tasty delivery from the lovely people at Schar UK. I may have mentioned once or twice on here about how much I love Schar. Their range of gluten free goodies is amazing and it is so nice to see supermarkets improving their range of Schar products.

Sunday Smiles … A Positive Quote Loving Linky

Welcome to my brand new linky “Sunday Smiles”

Sunday Smiles is the baby sister of the Candid Cuddles linky that was ran by Becky over at Cuddle Fairy. When Becky announced that she was not continuing Candid Cuddles any longer I was so upset.

Is Honesty Always The Best Policy?


All my life I have been brought up to always tell the truth … if you tell the truth then surely nothing but good can arise out of situations eh?

Well I am currently experiencing exactly what happens when you do tell the truth and trust me it isn’t pretty!

Healing From Cancer and Moving on with Life

On this day 9th June 2016 I was lying in a high dependancy ward in a hospital 50 miles from home after having major surgery to remove cancer from my liver.

Today the 9th of June 2017 I have just accepted an offer of sale on my little flat and looking to move on an create a family home with Mr Sparkles.