My Gluten Free Story

As of January 2017 I have been diagnosed with non-coeliac gluten sensitivity.

Around 6 or 7 years ago I was suffering with really a really painful and bloated tummy and swinging between being glued to the loo or struggling to go.

After looking carefully at my diet I noticed that gluten and wheat based products featured quite heavily. I decided to try following a gluten free diet for a while and my symptoms improved dramatically so I stuck with the diet!

Unfortunately it has not been plain sailing from that point. Over the past 2 year my symptoms have returned with a vengeance and I find myself constantly on the loo. This is impacting so much on my life that I went back to eating gluten for 4 weeks to try and find out if I was coeliac. Unfortunately the test results were negative so I am back to the drawing board in terms of a diagnosis.

I do feel slightly better when eating gluten free foods so I have decided to stick with a gluten free diet whilst I try and work out what is causing the problem.

Doctors meantime have diagnosed me as having non-coeliac gluten sensitivity which basically means I have all the same symptoms as a coeliac but when I eat gluten my gut and bowel are not damaged.

It is not an easy road so please do keep popping back and keeping up to date with my gluten free lifestyle and the ongoing investigations into my very strange digestive system!


Nikki xx

3 thoughts on “My Gluten Free Story

  1. It was really good that you decided to switch! There are so many new yummy products for people following gluten free diets. We have Gluten Free Afternoon tea on our website and hopefully we will be adding more soon.

  2. I don't have coeliac disease or an intolerance to anything but due to radiotherapy etc i had through stomach and surgery I had where they went through stomach to get to spinal tumour I was left with exactly the same side effects as you back for a different reason.
    I hate being bloated as I feel so rough and can look pregnant sometimes!! I get cramps in my stomach everyday that hurt so much and was given buscopan but doesn't take all cramps/pain away but helps a little. I've heard ginger/peppermint helps settle your stomach.
    If you know anything else that helps I'd love to know! x

  3. I am the same. I was tested through my GP and I have been gluten free for six months. I feel so much better. I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of products now available that are gluten free. I've also learnt which restaurants offer a good gluten free menu.

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