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Sitting down and reading a good book is something that I have not been doing too much of lately. There is no specific reason why … I go through periods like this. I have a stash of books waiting to be read from some of my favourite authors sitting by my bed right now!

Eventbright recently inspired me to join in with their Dream Author Panel … looking at my pile of books certainly got me thinking about who I would have on my own panel.

So who would I have on my Dream Author Panel?

It was really hard to sit down and think about who my favourite authors are. I like to read a wide variety of books quite often from all different authors.  I looked at my “To Read” pile and realised that 2 names popped up more than once so I thought I would share them with you!

Cathy Glass

I have been reading Cathy’s books for years! Cathy is a foster carer and and has looked after over 150 children over the past 25 years. Documenting her fostering memoris was groundbreaking! No one had ever written about looking after children in care. I love the way Cathy writes and I really feel like I get to know each child that she writes about. Cathy also updates her website whenever she has updates from any of the children she has fostered which is brilliant!

Honestly I don’t actually know what I would ask Cathy. I would love to just sit down and listen to her talk about the children that she has had in her care. I find her so inspiring!

Doreen Virtue

I may have mentioned on the blog before that I believe in Angels … Doreen Virtue therefore is someone that I would love to quiz. Doreen is the author over over 50 books on topics such as Angel Therapy, Fairies, Spirtuality and Healthy Living! Doreen also has a brilliant website full of all things Angel related.

I have so many questions that I would love to ask Doreen. Mainly along the lines of Angels and her experiences. To be able to find out how to grow my own experiences would be simply amazing!

I am wondering if you have ever heard of these authors before? If you had the chance to put together your own author panel who would you invite?

Huge thank you to Eventbright for inspiring me to get back into reading. If you are looking for help to plan conferences/events in your local area then please do check out their Conference Management Page



14 thoughts on “Who Would Be on Your Dream Author Panel?

  1. I too haven’t done a lot of reading lately. This would be a tough question for me. Cathy Glass sounds like an amazing author. I’m interested in foster care so I will have to check out her books.

  2. I love your picks although haven’t heard of them all before!! I’m not entirely sure who I would choose though there are many great authors!

  3. If I could choose any authors from past or present I would choose F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of my favorite novel, The Great Gatsby, and Dr. Suess, my favorite children’s author. Great question!

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