#GlutenFree … Square Sausage and Wheat Free Bakery!

One of the things i miss since going gluten free is the weekend staple of a roll and sausage. Being scottish i love a square sausage but traditionally they are filled with wheat.

I was so amazed to find these sausages by Malcolm Allan Buchers the other week whilst doing my shop in asda. 

I have tried some of the other gluten free items in the range and they are lovely.

I teamed my sausages with these lovely soft rolls from the wheat free bakery. The rolls are the closest thing i can find that tastes normal. Im sure the gluten free amoung you will understand what i mean.

With a dollop of tomato sauce i was happy to be indulgeing in my weekend treat again.

Please do give them a try as they are yum!!

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