Celebrating World Letter Writing Day 2018

September 9, 2018
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When was the last time you put pen to paper and actually wrote a letter to someone? Until recently I could honestly say that it had been years! When I was younger back in my teeny-bop phase I was in loads of boyband fan clubs and had loads of penpals. Each week literally bundles of letters would arrive and sometimes it was so exhausting replying to everyone that gradually I fell away from the art of letter writing.

Believe it or not it was actually something I missed. These days people are so accessable thanks to the wonder that is social media. There is no longer the anticipation of waiting for a reply to a question or the buzz of opening up a letter wondering what is inside!

Thats why I was so keen to get involved with World Letter Writing Day 2018. The lovely people over at Viking Direct sent me out a beautiful bundle of goodies and paired me up with a penpal from Germany. Not only was I excited at all the gorgeous stationary but I was equally excited to swap letters with someone from a country that I have always wanted to visit!


I was paired up with Theresa who blogs over at www.fay-readme.de Theresa mainly blogs about her love for all things bookish but there are a few more personal snapshots into her life aswell.  I love her mini-series about the differences that German and UK book covers have. I had no idea that this even was even a thing!

This year World Letter Writing Day actually took place on September 1st, so I do apologise for bringing this post a wee bit later than what I had originally planned. I was waiting until I had received my letter so that I could include it in this post and show you all. How cute is Theresa’s stationary??


I really enjoyed getting to know Theresa through her blog and also to read her letter. I hope that we continue to exchange snail mail and get to know each other that bit more! A big thank you to Viking Direct again for including me in their campaign and for my box of gorgeous goodies!

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