Celebrating Coeliac Awareness Week With Tesco Free From

May 14, 2017
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Eliminating gluten from my diet is something that I have had to do for a number of years now. I remember when I was first diagnosed as gluten intolerant I had no idea of what foods to avoid and where to shop. I soon discovered that all of the big supermarkets had their own “free from” ranges and I very quickly began to realise that one supermarket really outshone the rest.

That supermarket is Tesco.

At the 2017 Free From Food Awards Tesco were awarded “Retailer of the Year” and I can totally see why! I have watched the range go from strength to strength and I feel that Tesco have a really good grasp of what us gluten avoiders want and have created such a wide variety of fresh and frozen products.

As this week is Coeliac Awareness Week Tesco invited me to try out some of the range and share my thoughts with you all. Obviously I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to shop at my favourite retailer and sample some yummy food!

From time to time Mr Sparkles likes to get involved with trying out some of my gluten free foods and top of his list at the moment is the amazing Strawberry Gateau. Strawberry gateau is something that I always had for dessert on Christmas Day when I was younger and I was gutted that I could no longer have it when I had to stop eating gluten. I came across the gateau at this years Free From and Allergy Fair in Glasgow and I stalked my local Tesco until finally it arrived in stock. Mr Sparkles 100% confirms that there is no way at all to tell that it is gluten free and I completely agree!


I mean … How amazing does that look??

My personal favourite from the Free From Range has to be the Petit Pains I am eating alot of homemade soup at the moment and this little rolls are the perfect accompaniment. For lunchtimes at work I take the roll out in the morning and pop it in my lunch bag and it is nicely defrosted in time to be dipped in my soup. On the days when I have lunch at home I pop it in the oven for around 10 mins and it turns into a gorgeous crispy roll that tastes amazing with a little butter.


On the subject of rolls I was delighted to find Sandwich Thins as part of the range. Some gluten free bread products can be really heavy which I personally find off putting however these sandwich thins are so soft and light that again you forget for a moment that you are eating something that is gluten free!

Alongside the sandwich thins I also adore these white rolls which again are so soft and fresh and perfect for lunches at work.


The great thing about the Tesco Free From range is that not only does it exclude gluten and wheat it also has created products that are also milk free. As I mentioned before I am following a low fodmap diet so I am trying to limit my intake of lactose and dairy so I feel reassured that I can still have some of my favourite foods without suffering the consequences! (top tip – the sandwich thins are also milk free)

I can totally see why Tesco won the free from retailer of the year award. With an ever expanding range that customers really want I am excited to see what new products are in the pipeline!

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