Healing From Cancer and Moving on with Life

On this day 9th June 2016 I was lying in a high dependancy ward in a hospital 50 miles from home after having major surgery to remove cancer from my liver.

Today the 9th of June 2017 I have just accepted an offer of sale on my little flat and looking to move on an create a family home with Mr Sparkles.

A Visit to Cherrybank Dental Spa



Have you ever heard of a dental spa? Neither had I until an invite popped into my inbox inviting me along to visit Cherrybank Dental Spa based in Perth.

The invite came along at the perfect time as I was long overdue my routine 6 monthly check up.

Can Nutritional Therapy Help With Conquering IBS?


Trying to navigate the mindfield that is the low fodmap diet has been really hard. I am still in the elimination phase and just when I think I have worked out what is triggering my IBS … Bam! I get another attack.

When Jenna from www.abalancedbelly.co.uk offered the chance for a few of her readers to have a free nutritional consultation in exchange for an honest review I jumped at the chance in the hope I could finally combat my belly issues.

Name a Star Review and Giveaway


For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to name a star. It is such a unique gift idea and something that you can truely treasure for the rest of your life.

When the lovely people over at Star Name Registry offered me the opportunity to have my very own Extra Bright Star I was so excited.