Crystal of the Month … Black Onyx

I recently popped into my local Crystal Shop to find out what crystals I could buy that would help bring some luck into the home and hopefully inspire someone to come and buy my wee flat!

I got lots of good advice and actually some of the crystals suggested to me I already have so I spent some time looking around and chose 3 one of which is Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a gorgeous crystal and brings happiness,…

Introducing #DreamandSparkle Linky

Linky’s are something that I love participating in. It is such a great way to get to find new blogs to read so when Kat from Candy Floss Dreams was looking for someone to help start a new Linky I couldn’t wait to get involved!

A-Z of Me with #AlphaBlogBites

For the month of November I am delighted to be linking up with Naomi at Me Becoming Mum and Mandi at Hex Mum Blog who on the back of the success of #Blogtober16 have created a new link up called #AlphaBlogBites. 

I ALMOST completed #Blogtober16 but due to a few stressful days at work I needed to take some time out to relax and put my health first. …

Life … Scotland’s First Cheese Toastie Festival

A few weeks ago the lovely Yelp Glasgow team announced that they were going to host Scotland’s first cheese toastie festival. Before I even knew if they could cater to my dietary requirements I signed up for a free ticket!
The event sold out within a matter of minutes and there was even cries of moving to a bigger venue from all the disappointed people who never managed to get tickets. …