Who Would Be on Your Dream Author Panel?


Sitting down and reading a good book is something that I have not been doing too much of lately. There is no specific reason why … I go through periods like this. I have a stash of books waiting to be read from some of my favourite authors sitting by my bed right now!

Date Night Cookbook featuring Pancake Tuesday


I have been trying to think up some new recipes to try in the kitchen for date night with my boyfriend as he is the worlds fussiest eater. If its not beige and deep fried then he aint eating it!!

This is where this brilliant little book comes in handy.

Book Club: In the Jumble


It has been a wee while since I published a book review on the site,! I am back with an absolutely brilliant review of my latest read … “In the Jumble” by Victoria Lochhead*

In the Jumble is a book about the joys of finding,

Book Review … How to Seduce your Wife (or anyone else’s)

I have a very different book review for you today. How to Seduce your Wife (or anyone else’s)* by Andy Gibney is not usually a title that I would normally be drawn to but I was intrigued to find out what exactly the book was about.
On first glance you may think that this is a book about how to either spice up your marriage or indeed have an affair with someone else’s wife but it in fact a lot more than that!…