AlphaBlogBites …G-I

It has been a wee while since I continued with my #AlphaBlogBites series. I did have grand plans to blog every day in November but it sadly just did not happen. I have been so tired with being back at work that the blog has taken a little bit of a back seat.

AlphaBlogBites … Continuing With C-F

My little A-Z of me #AlphaBlogBites series continues with C, D and E today. I am a few days behind on the challenge as I thought posting every day might become a bit boring for you all!

There is after all only so much you can say with each letter!…

Week 1 #DreamandSparkles Linky … Host Post.

Together with Kat from Candyfloss & Dreams I would love to introduce you to our brand new linky #DreamandSparkle.

The name simply comes from both of our blogs combined together but we both felt it meant exactly what we wanted this linky to be about….

Health … Have you ever heard of Scanxiety?

Hospital appointments are never pleasant. Lets face it no one likes sitting being poked and prodded and having endless amounts of tests carried out and the worry of waiting for results.
In the majority of people having a scan at the hospital is a one off procedure … a precaution to make sure things are ok however for anyone who has ever had cancer a scan is a completely¬†difference experience….