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Over the past few months I have really suffered with my skin. I suddenly developed horrible sensitive skin and spots started appearing at an alarming rate. I had used Clinique 3 step skincare for years but it was time for a change and after much research I headed to my local Clarins counter for advice.

I have to say that I am pretty clueless when it comes to knowing what products I should be using. I have been pretty lucky up till now with only suffering with the occassional spot around the time of the month but suddenly faced with all these spots I was feeling pretty down.

I headed to my local Clarins counter in Boots and spent over 45 mins being talked through all the products. I never knew there were so many! My skin is really dry as well as being spotty so it was essential that I got the correct products.

I am in love with this cleanser. It foams up really well and a little really goes a long way. The addition of the shea butter means that it doesnt dry my skin out and it smells amazing!

A vital step in the skincare routine and I love this product. It is slightly oily in nature but really smooths my skin after cleansing and does not sting at all as there no alcohol in it. 

I find this moisturiser quite thick in comparison to other products that I have used but my skin really drinks it in highlighting how dehydrated it really is. Again it does not cause any irritation and has a really lovely scent.

Whilst these products are normally wayyyyy more than what I would normally spend on skincare I am happy with them and whilst my skin is not presently spot free it does look 100 times better than before I started using Clarins.

I always try and look out for when Boots have points deals on and try and time my purchases around these so that I am maximising my points which means I can then use them when I need to repurchase items.

Have you ever used Clarins? I would love to hear if you have any tips for dealing with spot prone skin!

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  1. Honestly, I haven’t tried Clarins yet but based on your review about it, I will give this a try. If there’s a deal for this, I would definitely go for it! Thanks for sharing this post.

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