#30bbdaysofGratitude … Tarot Reading with Lyndsay Edwards!

September 26, 2016
The theme of today’s post is to think about our hidden talents. I mentioned on a previous post that I am interested in Crystals and Angels and Tarot Readings. I have tried out reading Angel Cards for myself with some success but I don’t tend to share this with people as most times they just don’t understand.
I really enjoy going along to The Glasgow Psychic Centre and having readings done and I have been really impressed with the quality of readings received.
I was very lucky to be gifted a Tarot Card reading from the lovely Lyndsay Edwards who blogs over at Living with Cows Milk Protein Allergy.

Lyndsay Edwards, Tarot
Lyndsay has grown up with Spirit her whole life and has recently started offering email readings through her blog for £25. You are able to ask 2 questions that you would like answered or can leave it open for a more generalised reading.
I have so many things causing me stress right now but 2 of these are my current work situation and my desire to become a mum, so these were the questions that I asked.
Lyndsay started off by bringing an older lady through who spoke about some family issues and forgiveness and I have a wee idea of who this could be so I was really impressed from the outset!
In relation to my work related question – I had deliberately kept this vague as I feel I am very much at a crossroads just now and about to make a big decision that I am not sure is right. The older lady advised me that I should basically go with my gut regarding work. There was also a mention of some group photo’s being taken so I will be interested to see if this transpires!
Thinking about my desire to become a mum – there was mentions of babies who have passed over before they were born on this earth which I took to mean a miscarriage however I have never had a miscarriage so unfortunately I could not relate to this part of the reading. 
Lynsday mentioned that she saw a vision of me being 6 months pregnant and that I possibly would need help to conceive so this is interesting and that I will become a mum when the time is right and not when I think it is right.
Overall I was very pleased with my reading and if you fancy one for yourself then please do pop over to Lyndsay’s blog where you can find out more information! 
*I was very kindly gifted this reading for review but opinions are as always my own.


#30bbdaysofgratitude challenge

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