Perfect Presents for your Pooch

Perfect Presents for your pooch

I have to confess that Benji is the most spoiled dog ever, I am forever buying him little treats and toys so it is only natural that he is included when I am doing my christmas shopping!

On the 1st of December he sits and waits patiently for his advent calender treats meaning I can sneakily have my chocolate one whilst he is munching at his!

Home …. Insurance Inside & Out

HomeLet, insurance

When deciding to move in together one of the things that me and Mr Sparkles spoke about was him renting somewhere before officially moving in with me. Aside from the fact that we felt in the end that it would be a huge waste of money, I have had a bit of bad luck with private rentals in the past.

Week 5 #DreamandSparkle Host Post


Welcome to another week of #DreamandSparkle. It has been a bit of a rough week over here for me. One of my lovely patients managed to give me their cold and I had to go through a yucky hospital procedure. On the positive side I am now on annual leave for a week so that gives me some time to chill and hopefully tinker around with the blog a little bit!

AlphaBlogBites …G-I


It has been a wee while since I continued with my #AlphaBlogBites series. I did have grand plans to blog every day in November but it sadly just did not happen. I have been so tired with being back at work that the blog has taken a little bit of a back seat.